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ANDY OnCall® Tulsa provides you a continual stream of project opportunities (even in the winter) while also providing you with all the administrative and backroom support you need to be efficient with your time -- so you can be busy making money!

Are You Tired Of:

  • Spending Time & Money To Give An Estimate and the Customer Forgot To Be There?

  • Customers Who Aren't Sincere About Wanting The Work Done?

  • Customers Wanting To Haggle Over The Price After You've Done The Work?

  • Spending Time, Money and Effort To Advertise and Market Your Craft?

ANDY OnCall® Tulsa provides all the marketing to generate a continual stream of project opportunities (even in the winter),and we streamline all the scheduling for customer estimates and job projects. We have a simple system for estimating that allows you to choose or control what you do and when you do it. 

 So why not make your life easy and make good money!

What Do You Need:

  • Honesty & Ethics

  • Friendly, Courteous, and Professional Demeanor

  • Determination to Perform Good Quality Work

  • Tools For The Tradecraft(s) You Intend To Provide

  • 10 Years of Experience In Any or All of The Following: Handyman, Craftsman, Property Maintenance, Special Trade or Construction

  • References

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Smartphone With Dependable Service

** You DO NOT need to be skilled in multiple trades or crafts. We can match your skills         with the residential and commercial project needs.

ANDY OnCall® Tulsa can match your skills with the needs of the project.  If you've lacked confidence, we can ease you into the flow of projects in terms of size and scope -- but either way, ease in or dive in -- You make money!

 So why not make your life easy and make good money!

What If I Don't Want To Work A Lot:

  • How Much or Often You Provide Your Services Is Entirely Up To You.

  • If You're Retired and Just Want to Perform Small Handyman or Honey-Do Tasks - fine.

  • If You Need to Limit The Amount of Work or Income You Produce - fine.

How Much Can You Make and When Do You Get Paid:

  • Your Abilities, Focus, Choice of Projects, and Performance Determine Your Income.

  • ANDY OnCall Craftsmen Routinely Make $35-45 per hour or more.

  • The Key Is Being Productive With Your Time.

    • So You're Not Wasting Time Chasing Jobs or Answering Dead-End Calls,​

    • And You're NOT Wasting Time or Spending Income To Place Advertising,

    • And You're NOT Wasting Time on Administrative Tasks,

    • Then You're producing Income Without Cost To Get Projects. 

  • You Don't Have To Wait Until the 1st or 15th of the Month To Get Paid.

  • You Get Paid When The Project Is Complete and The Customer Signs-Off.

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