• Earn Good Money?

  • Have A Steady Flow of Work Projects Year Round?

  • Have Instant Credibility With Customers?

  • Have Control Of What You Do and When You Do It?

  • Routinely Make $35-45 Per Hour?

Do You Want To:

ANDY OnCall® Tulsa provides you a continual stream of project opportunities (even in the winter) while also providing you with all the administrative and backroom support you need to be efficient with your time -- so you can be busy making money!

Are You Tired Of:

  • Spending Time & Money To Give A Quote and the Customer Forgot To Be There?

  • Customers Who Aren't Sincere About Wanting The Work Done?

  • Customers Wanting To Haggle Over The Price After You've Done The Work?

  • Spending Time, Money and Effort To Advertise and Market Your Craft?

ANDY OnCall® Tulsa provides all the marketing to generate a continual stream of project opportunities (even in the winter),and we streamline all the scheduling for customer quotes and job projects. We have a simple system for quoting that allows you to choose or control what you do and when you do it

"We Bid - You Choose"     OR     "You Bid - You Choose "

 So why not make your life easy and make good money!

What Do You Need:

  • Honesty & Ethics

  • Friendly, Courteous, and Professional Demeanor

  • Determination to Perform Good Quality Work

  • Tools For The Tradecraft(s) You Intend To Provide

  • 10 Years of Experience In Any or All of The Following: Handyman, Craftsman, Property Maintenance, Special Trade or Construction

  • References

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Smartphone With Dependable Service

** You DO NOT need to be skilled in multiple trades or crafts. We can match your skills         with the residential and commercial project needs.

ANDY OnCall® Tulsa can match your skills with the needs of the project.  If you've lacked confidence, we can ease you into the flow of projects in terms of size and scope -- but either way, ease in or dive in -- You make money!

"We Bid - You Choose"     OR     "You Bid - You Choose "

 So why not make your life easy and make good money!

What If I Don't Want To Work A Lot:

  • How Much or Often You Provide Your Services Is Entirely Up To You.

  • If You're Retired and Just Want to Perform Small Handyman or Honey-Do Tasks - fine.

  • If You Need to Limit The Amount of Work or Income You Produce - fine.

How Much Can You Make and When Do You Get Paid:

  • Your Abilities, Focus, Choice of Projects, and Performance Determine Your Income.

  • ANDY OnCall Craftsmen Routinely Make $35-45 per hour or more.

  • The Key Is Being Productive With Your Time.

    • So You're Not Wasting Time Chasing Jobs or Answering Dead-End Calls,​

    • And You're NOT Wasting Time or Spending Income To Place Advertising,

    • And You're NOT Wasting Time on Administrative Tasks,

    • Then You're producing Income Without Cost To Get Projects. 

  • You Don't Have To Wait Until the 1st or 15th of the Month To Get Paid.

  • You Get Paid When The Project Is Complete and The Customer Signs-Off.